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19 December 2020

26 August 2020

Covid construction

 Work continues while closed, replaced and enlarged charging station in the pits area.

Nifty new 12 volt bus bars are thicker and include holes in the bars to accept banana plugs.

Cheers Geoff :)

12 July 2020

A Wednesday in July

Good calm weather and good pilot numbers.
Mick readies a new model

Busy pits

Running repair

Another new model

Many hands make light work

Rob returns from the new-outfield -- first "Landing" out there.

High adrenalin producing first flight
A very good day had by all.
Cheers Geoff:)

23 June 2020

June 2020

We're back at the field since Covid19 lockdown restrictions eased.
Ian is still tuning tuning tuning.

Cameron has a new model and engine to run in.

Tony has a new engine also, the build is going nicely.
Ken built this DH89 from a box of balsa bits, all 440 grams of it.

YAAAAAYYY!  Up in the air again!

Lovely job Ken.

Maiden flight.
Wonderful to be back flying, even with "Social Distancing".
Cheers Geoff:)

22 May 2020

May 2020

Boundary fence replaced. Runway longer.
Old fence removed and some of it recycled into the new fence.
This means runway can be now 350metres long. Take a look at the fence, it is a work of art. There are movies and pictures on the Facebook page.

 Since lockdown restrictions eased, some activities allowed again, WIN NEWS made a series of items showing renewed activities and we were asked to show up for the story.
Bruce B had a few on show.

Bonnie Barkmeyer the reporter, charming Bruce.

Thank you WIN NEWS, the story is on our Facebook page.

Cheers Geoff :)

18 March 2020


The weather forecast was reasonable for a change. The sky was quite grey and stormy looking though.

There were about six visiting pilots.

Much aviation was committed. Many models were there to be admired.
Cheated.....coloured the sky:)

Darcy had over 20 flights!

A Lockheed S3 Viking I believe, most unusual.
Dead-stick after spark plug ejected.

Sunday afternoon presentations.
Adrian - Pilots Choice over 80ins.
Darcy - Pilots choice under 80ins.
Mrs James presented 'Barry James Flying for Realism'.
Went to Garry Reusch, not present at ceremony.
'Excellent work' award, toilet paper, worth its weight in gold.

Awesome kitchen team, ladies division.

A good weekend, everyone had a good time I believe. Same next year.

Cheers Geoff:)