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05 November 2018

Recently seen at the field.

Catch up time, I have been very slack.

Looking extremely very good on the ground and in the air.

Now to more mundane things.........

Brian is using this Spit to train for his BIG Spitfire.

 Too much BLING? 
I don't think so....... the photo doesn't do it justice.

ONYA Pete!
Deadstick in the rough, suddenly no undercarriage.

Good times.
Cheers Geoff :)

24 October 2018

Exciting times.

Sunday 21st.

Ian brought out the Stearman again, this time to definitely fly it.

 Just some of the fine detail.
Lift off straight away on first taxi test.
Pesky cross wind.
This time for REAL maiden flight.

 After first flight, thinking about some tweaks.
The second flight was even better than the first.

Wednesday a good turn-up.

Ken succesfully maidened his new Vampire ducted fan
Graemes Victa had a good outing 
Victa crew look happy
Ian ripped up the sky with the Cessna

Graeme with his 'Grand Tundra', most excellent foamie.

Kevin and his 'Wots-wot'.
Ken, trying to find some lift out there.
Ralph gets a hand.
A most variable wind, but everyone had good flights.

Me too. Cheers Geoff :)

14 October 2018

WARM Sunday

25 degrees forecast with benign breezes brought out lots of guys ready to fly.
Ian FINALLY brung out his Stearman (Boeing) Model 75, with the Engine looking very at home on the front end.

Believe me, this is one BEAUTIFUL model. The detail is great.
Unfortunately, today, on the way from home, to the field, the ailerons got together and withdrew their services, so we did not see the model fly.
Cannot wait to see it fly and photograph the wonderful details for the blog.
Cheers Geoff :)

07 September 2018

Sunny Sunday

Nice day big turnout

Shaking out the cobwebs

Where is that fence

Usual suspects

No RACV out here