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07 November 2023

Warbirds Over Bairnsdale

November 4 and 5 for 2023, long weekend for Melbourne Cup on 7th. weather not the best, rather windy, some showers on Saturday.

Wind was pretty much due East, so straight down the runway all weekend.

 Twenty nine pilots registered, a great turnout.

Pictures and stuff, in no particular order, (too hard) even a few short videos thanks to Rob B and his DJI drone.



2 out of 3 aint bad, Ian R landing his Tucano on 2 wheels.

A great weekend, many thanks to all the team for getting the field in such fabulous condition and everyone who helped in the kitchen creating excellent food.

Cheers Geoff. 😎

04 November 2023

Warbirds coming

 Warbirds weekend 4-5 November, it's Friday 3rd. many pilots here already!

Hoping for good weather for the weekend.

Cheers Geoff. 😎