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16 May 2022

Mid May Muster 2022

 Fabulous weather on Sunday 15th. Those enthusiastic souls who arrived on Friday had a Saturday of drizzle and occasional light shower, but this did not deter the intrepid aviators, much flying was happening on Saturday and there was the attraction of sausages sizzling on the BBQ under cover for solace.

Time now for some pictures of the event.........

Fibreglass moulding of P51

Close-up of a small part of the moulded-in detail.

Brians new BIG Swordfish flies after successful certification

Andy's new secondhand P40

Good-looking pilot.

Control-line flying demo....Too fast, lucky to pick a reasonable frame out of video.

Very nice detail in Brians new Spitty.


OOhh....... bent wing tube.

Leader of catering team, retiring.

Very nice retirement speech. Many many thanks to Carol-Anne.

Huge thanks also to wonderful team for their support.

Pilots choice trophy to Brian.

And why it was awarded.

Well, now all we have to do is await October 31st for the 

'Warbirds over Bairnsdale' event.  No doubt it will be just as spectacular.

Cheers, Geoff. 😎

21 March 2022

Action Scale Rally 2022

 Fabulous weather, gorgeous flying field in the finest location in Australia, with nearly 30 pilots and a huge variety of models meant that the 'Action Scale Rally' for 2022 could only ever be an outstanding success.

Take a look at a few pictures.

Too hard to get the pics in coherent order, sorry about that.

Get ready now for the Mid May Muster.

Cheers Geoff 😎