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23 July 2019

Mid-year dinner.

17th July at Nicholson Hotel, 23 attended, another most enjoyable evening.

Cheers, Geoff:)

21 May 2019


Excellent weather, with 29 pilots registered, there were plenty of visiting spectators dropping a gold coin in the entry bucket. The wonderful kitchen crew were run off their feet all day. Huge thank you to all who took part, especially our visitors from near and far. A most wonderful day.  Cheers Geoff.

01 May 2019

Sizzle at Bunnings

Just a few of the usual suspects who made the 27th  such a success.
Many thanks guys.


25th April some of us attended a training session for the defibrillator.
Fifteen of us were addressed by a very nice lady named Marcia who explained how to give first aid to an unconscious person.
CPR is the first thing if someone is unresponsive, she explained, and showed us how to do CPR. It's most important to give CPR all the time and have someone else get the Defibrillator if necessary, while continuing the CPR.
Here is our Defibrillator in the clubhouse, for future reference. There is a very good training video on DVD that came with the unit, see Geoff to get your hands on it.

The correct usage of the unit was explained and the fact that the defibrillator will itself talk you through the procedure was demonstrated.
Very valuable lessons learnt, I thought. I hope I can remember everything if I am ever faced with an unconscious person.
Many thanks to Marcia for her entertaining and most informative talk.

Coupla weeks ago

Haven't seen the likes of this here for some time.

Thanks David, helis are few and far between.

19 March 2019

Action 2019.

Weather was benign except for smoke haze from bushfires.

 Ian said "This is NOT a smile, it is a grimace!" yeah, well doesn't everybody, when doing battle with a transmitter?

 Amiot 143M by Brian Oakes, electric, with a great sound module for realism.
 Lavochken La? of Adrian Fasham.
 Royce F15
 Miles M38 Messenger
 Toms PT22
Morane Saulnier 

Tom Prosser, Comper Swift.
 Adrians lovely PC21.

 Dave setting off for another excellent flying display.
 Royce with his DHC2 Beaver.
Take a good look, he 3D printed a radial engine assembled in three pieces to leave gaps for the Three cylinder radial IC engine. What a great result.

WINNER: Pilots Choice Mammoth Scale - Ian Waters PT17- Stearman.
WINNER: Pilots Choice Normal Scale - Ken Nichols Chipmunk

 WINNER: Barry James Memorial, Flight for Realism - Brian Oakes Amiot 143M

A good crowd and a good 2 good days for all.
Cheers Geoff :)