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23 July 2018

Sunday 22

Cold start, of course, breeze northerly, did not deter a bunch of us from turning up.
Dave Lewis brought along a present for us all.
He painted a thank you card for us.

This message in the lower right corner.
 All I can say is, big thank you Dave, always a pleasure to watch your exquisite control of your lovely models.

 It's always interesting to see how different guys assemble and decorate their models.
Bruce looks happy with his move to the dark side.
Andy heads out to rip up the sky with his nice P51.

Of course, when confronted by a small puddle, it is compulsory to land in it.
Cheers Geoff :)

19 July 2018

Mid-year Dinner

Once again at the Nicholson Hotel and an enjoyable evening of camaraderie and good food.

Cheers Geoff :)

13 July 2018

Wednesday 11th.

Cold, but sunny, plenty of members turned up.

Must be COLD, Graeme is wearing long pants.
Graemes favourite returns unscathed once more.

Brian has this slow model for when brain is fading.

The Texan decided to withdraw its services for the day.
Toms tiny diesel powered old timer.

Rather undignified return to base.
Ken mulls his next move.
Kev waits his turn to carve up the sky.
 A good day,  :) Geoff.

01 July 2018

Excellent Weekend

SATURDAY was organised for visitors to come and enjoy wide open sky without serious altitude limits. Wind speed and direction was a slight impediment, every one of our visitors enjoyed good flights. That is what we are here for.

We like to have visiting pilots and friends.

Shane was first into the air very early on with his Rookie-2.
Dave Lewis was next.
BIG -- isn't it!

 Andy flew his AJ Slick for the first time getting the heavy certificate organised.

A little bit of help from a local.

Looks great in the air.

Rob flew his Super Scorpion beautifully.
Rod flew his upgraded Rookie-1

Nice work.
Ian just wanted to tune up the Cessna.
Later, Shane made a text-book wheels-up landing after his nose wheel departed upon take-off.
A BBQ lunch caused rain to start falling so pack-up was the order of the day.

SUNDAY, we had a visit from Scott, who had his dates muddled, but enjoyed slightly better weather to fly his 4 Metre ASW Glider.

Wonderful flying with great sound effects.
We all enjoyed some good flights to start off a new year with three new members already. We are looking forward to more excellent flying days to come.
Cheers Geoff :)

20 June 2018

First Flights

A number of  'First Flights' took place today, most were a success.
Brian rebuilt his Chipmunk. - Success.

Kev and his new VQ model Tiger. - Success.

Pete and his new ASW28. - Success
Ralphs rebuilt Oldie. - Unsuccessful, motor ripped the nose clean off .

Kevs turbo Beaver decided to go it alone. - Unsuccessful.
Cheers Geoff :)

13 June 2018


Cold wind today, but westerly, so that wasn't so bad.

Rob is wearing what he calls his winter shorts.

Kev is standing next to his latest creation - a stack of 4 - Count them, FOUR models, plus the wings are somewhere.
What an inventive and versatile bloke.

One of the other Kevs', on the left in the pic, brought along his new model, a very nice looking Tiger Moth, electric of course, he just wanted to get it set up, range checked and tuning the stabiliser so no maiden flight today, we wait with bated breath.

Cheers Geoff :)

03 June 2018

Threed of June

With a lousy-looking start of the weather some of us turned up anyway.
It was well worth it, after the drizzle stopped, light wind along the runway and nice and clear.
So clear that Marty came prepared for a LOT of flying.
Fuel for a thirsty plane.
Tiloh had a fly of the Easyglider, while John flew the TwinStar.
Bruce B had a smooth landing in the outfield.
A very good morning.
Cheers Geoff :)

30 May 2018

Sunday 27th.

Nice day with plenty of members attending.
John, Brian and Tiloh doing battle.

"What'll we fly now?"
Kev M gives Rob a heave.

"I dunno, whadaya reckon?"
Is Ian really leaving the dark side?
Absolutely NOT! He is merely dabbling in experiencing the finer side of model power.
Cheers Geoff :)