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14 October 2018

WARM Sunday

25 degrees forecast with benign breezes brought out lots of guys ready to fly.
Ian FINALLY brung out his Stearman (Boeing) Model 75, with the Engine looking very at home on the front end.

Believe me, this is one BEAUTIFUL model. The detail is great.
Unfortunately, today, on the way from home, to the field, the ailerons got together and withdrew their services, so we did not see the model fly.
Cannot wait to see it fly and photograph the wonderful details for the blog.
Cheers Geoff :)

07 September 2018

Sunny Sunday

Nice day big turnout

Shaking out the cobwebs

Where is that fence

Usual suspects

No RACV out here

27 August 2018

Busy Sunday

A good crowd today, with a few visitors.

Visitor Mike, will join us, here 2 of his models have been dusted off.

Peanut gallery was packed.
Start, ya bastard.
What is it with infernal combustion engines?
Tom had no problems.
All in all a very good morning.
Cheers, Geoff :)

21 August 2018


Rabbits as well, getting in and under the clubhouse and main shed.
Measures needed to thwart the pests.

 That should keep the blighters out.

The concrete serves a dual purpose of denying entry to vermin and  (hopefully) water in the event of torrential rain.
Cheers  Geoff.

23 July 2018

Sunday 22

Cold start, of course, breeze northerly, did not deter a bunch of us from turning up.
Dave Lewis brought along a present for us all.
He painted a thank you card for us.

This message in the lower right corner.
 All I can say is, big thank you Dave, always a pleasure to watch your exquisite control of your lovely models.

 It's always interesting to see how different guys assemble and decorate their models.
Bruce looks happy with his move to the dark side.
Andy heads out to rip up the sky with his nice P51.

Of course, when confronted by a small puddle, it is compulsory to land in it.
Cheers Geoff :)

19 July 2018

Mid-year Dinner

Once again at the Nicholson Hotel and an enjoyable evening of camaraderie and good food.

Cheers Geoff :)

13 July 2018

Wednesday 11th.

Cold, but sunny, plenty of members turned up.

Must be COLD, Graeme is wearing long pants.
Graemes favourite returns unscathed once more.

Brian has this slow model for when brain is fading.

The Texan decided to withdraw its services for the day.
Toms tiny diesel powered old timer.

Rather undignified return to base.
Ken mulls his next move.
Kev waits his turn to carve up the sky.
 A good day,  :) Geoff.