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02 January 2019

2019 First Wednesday

 Heaps of members turned up today --- and why wouldn't you?
Only those poor souls who still have to go to work, even in the Holiday season.

Marty is all smiles after a successful flight of his new twin,

The engines are connected by a synchronising system.
It works a treat, not a beating heard anytime.

Kevin is getting another of his great collection ready to tear apart the sky.

Looks like a titanic tweaking session.
Another great day at the field.
Happy New Year to All.
:) Geoff.

24 December 2018

Fine Sunday

A great day weather-wise, with lots of members in attendance.
I set the tone for a while with this.
Not my fault really, Ben (remember him?), thought a wing came off just before it hit after I couldn't control it.
Then Tom had a ground incursion, where the battery exited the remains and caught fire.
Then Brians Stev went in.
After that, all was well, a great day.

Happy Christmas to all.
Geoff :)

07 December 2018

06 December 2018

05 November 2018

Recently seen at the field.

Catch up time, I have been very slack.

Looking extremely very good on the ground and in the air.

Now to more mundane things.........

Brian is using this Spit to train for his BIG Spitfire.

 Too much BLING? 
I don't think so....... the photo doesn't do it justice.

ONYA Pete!
Deadstick in the rough, suddenly no undercarriage.

Good times.
Cheers Geoff :)