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16 August 2015

Spiffy Sunday

What GREAT weather!
Wonder why so few blokes turned up.

Anyhow, brian worked some more on drainage of the "duck ponds" by the runway.

Guys working on  gen-shed extension, to house the you-beaut gen set.

Ian and his P51

Peter gets set to maiden his electric 'Wot 4'   VIDEO HERE.

10 August 2015


Wings extending.

Wings down and locked

Engine ready to be run

Neat practical exhaust system.

Under the cowl hatch.

Brians SeaFury was to have its first engine run-up, but such was the power of Mr.Murphy that it did not happen. Will be fine next time I am sure.

Ben flew his 3D Heli, I managed to chase it about the sky, video on youtube.