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28 March 2013

Not a really good day

My models on Wednesday, 3 flown, 3 crashed.
The EDF Global Hawk made its last "flight", the Radian may fly again and the sports model, just needs a bit more power in the shape of a new motor.

26 March 2013


Mondays "Addy" has our storey on the front page and continued on page 2 with a photo.
The reporter, Ryan did a sterling job and we can only hope it is read by someone who can help.

24 March 2013

Windy Sunday


Rob and Graeme put the finishing touches to our lovely new Security screen doors kindly donated by  Bunnings Bairnsdale.

The wind really sprang up at about 10am, in this shot you can see the wind indicator (Yellow thing) as Brian gets ready to maiden his new ARF Ryan.

Looking very good

Only Brian puts his brand new models through all sorts of aerobatics on its maiden flight.


Rod arrived with his big Corsair, I didn't think he would fly it with the strong wind from the NNW being across the runway.

Watch the video of todays flight.

 Graeme brought out his Douglas Skyraider made from Zirolli plans, won't put the artwork on until it has succesfully flown.
Engine is a 111cc twin petrol.
Rod and Graeme discuss large models

20 March 2013

A good day

A good flying day today.
Brian flew his PBY again.
Unfortunately due to finger trouble I only got the landing.

The video is here.

17 March 2013

Club Fun-Fly Day (modified)

Weather, very wet weather meant a change in location and activities.

Re-located to Kremin Hall we were able to have a great indoor flying day, this was really good as the last indoor flying was last year!
A competition was invented, design and build a "chuckie" glider and a judge would decide the best flier and a prize would be awarded, Kev and Rob were hard at work cutting and gluing.

Here are most of the "aircraft" constructed, most flew with a good deal of success.
One or two were a bit dodgy as far as flying was concerned.
Yours truly designed the 'canard' model........ NOT a great success!

Bruce was one of the guys to enjoy the
 'Real Flight Basic' simulator


Ian S flew his Twister Quad, one of three present.

 Ken had some success with his Trojan, however, a slightly larger venue is necessary for a nifty fixed wing model like this, as Ken found out.

All those attending, I believe had a good time discussing models.... adjusting models and eating a large lunch brilliantly prepared by Lorraine, Lyn and Carol-Anne, an extremely fine repast.
Next Sunday perhaps we will get to compete in the events originally listed for today, if the weather bureau cooperates.

06 March 2013

About Time!

Here's me, all smiles after getting the 'Global Hawk' airborne. This is only the second time it has taken to the air.
You may remember back to 28th August 2012 when it had a maiden "Flight" with Dave F.
He unloaded it to Ralph, who sneaked it back into Daves car, who subsequently gave it to me, assuring me that there was absolutely NO MALICE intended.
A new steerable undercarriage in the nose will benefit things enormously and the new runway is PERFECTLY suited to this aircraft.
Incidently, the model flies AND glides beautifully.
I am looking forward to the next flight.

02 March 2013

Big working bee today

Plenty of guys turned up for the working bee.
The aim was to lay the conveyor belt for a smooth runway and if time permitted to roll out the pits area also.

The belt was rolled out, the ends were then buried in a shallow trench, thanks to Aaron and his neat digger.


 The guys are hard at work preparing the east end for burial.
 David C neatened the ends after it was thouroughly pinned down.

The smooth runway area is 9 metres by 55 metres as I paced it out.

The executive area of the pits was next for the treatment.

Pits and taxiways now covered with tough SMOOTH plastic.