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24 May 2014

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'Bairnsdale Advertiser' Friday 23 May 2014
Wonderful coverage for us.

Thanks to our visitors and 'Advertiser' editor.

20 May 2014

Muster success

Very good weather for the day, just a slight northerly breeze with overcast sky, temperature maxed at 22.3 deg.
 More than 40 models registered, lots of spectators turned up.

Barry was first casualty

The day was a complete success, socially and financially.

Ian W was second

Unconventional setup procedure?

I really liked this Sopwith pup.
Flown by R Mitchell, Best Scale Landing award.

David Ch won "Judges Choice" ably assisted by son Alex.

17 May 2014

ONE more sleep!


Revised Grand Prize.

Photos off the box.

Weather still looking good.

See you tomorrow.

16 May 2014

2 Sleeps

MID MAY MUSTER BAIRNSDALE still on track for excellent weather.
The field is in tip top shape all set to accept flyers and models from everywhere looking for a good day of flying, camaraderie and food.

Tomorrow, of course is the static display at Bunnings leading up to the main event.
Remember the raffle is $2 per ticket with a beaut FOUR BURNER BBQ as the prize courtesy of Bunnings Bairnsdale.

15 May 2014

MMM Countdown 3 Sleeps

Weather forecasts are looking good, 22 degrees.  Nice!
Breeze forecast increased a little but no big deal.
Prizes are organised, Pilots choice is a  LA 9 Kit.

Door prize is an Easy Star Kit.
Plus other goodies such as Gift vouchers.

Catering department is ramping up so expect to eat up!

See you Sunday!

14 May 2014

MMM Countdown.

4 Sleeps to go. 
Willyweather weather
Willyweather Wind Forecast
are both looking very good for Sunday.
I predict it will be very warm in the sun and a nice breeze almost straight down the runway.


11 May 2014

Sunny Mothers Day

 What a great day, sunny, light wind WNW along the strip, couldn't ask for much better.

Surprised at the good turn-up, Mothers Day usually means few guys and those that come, leave early.
Good attendance today.

There's always something that has to be fiddled with, adjusted, tweaked, or puzzled over.
Ians new second hand Cessna was no exception.

Both engines performed very well on the second flight, they didn't sound too smooth on first flight.
Had to be got right, ready for the Muster.

08 May 2014


Kevin C was a happy flier, he finally sorted out the problems with his 'Swiss Stick'.

 Dave F fired up his 'Falcon 190'

 The Falcon as it approached its first "arrival".
I won't go into details of its second, suffice to say it wasn't good.
Kim finished his great looking plane, I can never remember whether it's a ME 109 or a BF 190, it's a great job.

 Watch the Video.

 Peter brought his ASK21 glider for a fly.
He made a dolly for launching.
 It woks well, flies a treat too!
Kev B helps Ralph assemble his nice looking C160, reckons it flies way too fast for him, may be for sale soon.

03 May 2014


How much rubbish can you fit into one small pump-house?

Answer:  Quite a LOT!! 

It all came out so the pump and house could be removed in preparation for moving to State Field East.
 We had a great turn up for the work, the idea was to get the pump out, cut the legs off the shed and trailer them away.

The pump was removed as the angle grinder on hand cut the padlocks off easily enough, but an industrial-size device is needed to cut the legs.
 Anyway the dirt has been dug away so the legs are reachable when technology is available to do the cutting.

The opportunity was taken to get rid of some of the junk in the field shed as well, to add to the pumphouse stuff and off to next door for chucking out.

A good mornings work, thanks guys.