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21 May 2012

Mid May Muster

I had to give up trying to upload from the field yesterday.
Weather was as near perfect as it could possibly be.
There were 20 pilots registered with 36 models.
Here are some of my pix.

19 May 2012


The cold front is moving through here as I write and the wind forecast has been downgraded.
7deg. to 16deg Sunday.
The field is looking great, all is in readiness for tomorrow.
We all agree that tomorrow will be a great day.
I will update from the field first thing in the morning.

18 May 2012


The forecast is now for a stiff breeze straight down the strip Sunday morning, easing a bit in the afternoon.
The bureau may be close in that regard, however Sunday will tell.
Weather otherwise will be pleasant and camaraderie will be present in large lumps, along with refreshments.
Hope to see you then.

16 May 2012


Weather forecast is looking better today, I am tipping fine weather.
Flying conditions should be excellent!

14 May 2012


Seven day forecast looking good.
The MSLP chart is promising.
Keep those things crossed a bit longer!