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29 August 2016

Work and play.

Thursday saw some members gathering to roof the area between the shed and container.

 A couple of blokes assembled new PV Panels to give a lot more grunt to the bore pump.

While on SATURDAY, other blokes sizzled their way to a very tidy sum.

24 August 2016

A rare sight!

Today was another excellent day for weather and we had plenty of pilots raring to go.
You are NOT dreaming, Graeme proves that the Skyraider is not epoxied into the trailer. David C was coerc  politely requested to see if aviation was possible.
And away into the blue.

 Yes, aviation is definitely possible.
Time to head back.

Nearly there.

Ground effect - woo hoo!

Okay that's got the dust off - now back in the trailer with you.

17 August 2016

July Wet

A couple of photos from Graeme B taken 6th July.
Our water over Bengworden Road

Why the driveway is minus some gravel.

A lot of water out there.

Car park 'riverbed'.

Pits being a river.
Great photos, thanks Graeme.

15 August 2016

ESC Sunday

Weather was a little better than forecast, the breeze was lighter and more westerly, so a lot friendlier for fliers.

Tweaking ?

YES, of course, tweaking.

Brians nifty Seb Art Model had been sounding very odd.
Here is the culprit.

NO, HERE is the culprit.
 Yes, it looks like the old frayed-wire trick may have been involved in cooking the ESC. Look at the colour of the windings.


Graeme B had been ripping up the sky, when nil-response from the trans inputs was observed, fortunately the model was in a flat turn at the time and just circled gracefully to outland with only a prop tip broken.
Another lovely day at the field :)

02 August 2016


Many thanks to those blokes who turned up on Sunday for the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.
Next one is August 27 (but you knew that) and we will need more volunteers, we just scraped through last Sunday. We made a little bit more than last time, this is a very worthwhile fund-raiser, I wish more members would participate.