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16 April 2014


The rain stopped!
An excellent day for flying.

Kim brought along his nearly finished FW 190 for comments and to show us what a good job he is doing on the paint etc.
The kit was designed for an electric motor, but unfortunately he has put in one of those infernal combustion thingys, hope it doesn't vibrate to bits.

13 April 2014

Another Sizzle

 The 12th saw the weather NOT RAINING for a change, so a good days sizzling was anticipated.
Once again Bunnings was the site. Photo shows "the boys" ready for action, Kim and Ken.

Sponsors, Bunnings  have donated this 4 burner BBQ for us to raffle and we sold a few tickets, hopefully we will sell many more.

A very profitable day.

03 April 2014

First Wednesday April

 Barry was punting his electric Tiger about with great alacrity.
 Ian S just loves his Sebart thingy despite it being electric.
 Ian W was trying to wear out his nice biplane with a multitude of touch and goes.

 My squadron while it is still looking reasonable.


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