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28 December 2013

A Christmas Present

Yes, this Christmas present was in the form of  an unsolicited entry in the "Thumbs Up Thumbs Down" column of our free local paper, so it is distributed far and wide in the district.

Thanks to the anonymous writer and to all members whose helpful activities have made this possible.

We need to keep up this good work, it can only be of benefit to the club.

15 December 2013

A Fine Day

Yes indeed, a fine day a little wind from southwest moving around to south from time to time, across the runway, everyone coped with it though.

 The drab coloured CUB is by Ian W.
A very fine model indeed, yet to fly.

 Brians PBY is there too, flew beautifully today.

 Not all of the cowl is installed as yet, running-in process underway today.

Some fast taxi trials in a cross wind were very interesting.

 A twin-cylinder petrol infernal combustion engine is providing the power.

Ian S fired up his nifty PT19 for its maiden flight today.
He was most perplexed when the model jumped in the air after about 3 or 4 metres when he was expecting a nice long take-off run.
A bit of a floater to get back on the runway.

11 December 2013

Christmas Dinner

December 11th at Boathouse Restaurant in Paynesville.

Over 40 members were present to celebrate another Christmas.

 Much conviviality and good conversation.

 Added to the other groups, the noise was quite high, though a nice noise.
The meal was served up, a variety of roast meats with some vegetables. Looks great!
President Graeme commenced formalities.
 Verna  receives the door prize hamper.
Major raffle draw. 

Not sure how much money we raised, will report when figures available.
 Eric wins second; a Dinner voucher for the Boathouse Restaurant.

Graeme wins the First Prize, he loves it!

A most enjoyable evening, next year will be something to look forward to.

03 December 2013

Brian and Graeme M attended the 10th Anniversary of the State Field on 23rd November. He didn't tell me he flew the PBY, I found this in "Australian Model News" online magazine December edition.
He did offer me a bunch of pictures which I forgot to get.