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22 June 2014

Sunny Sunday


A wing separates from fuselage at altitude.


11 June 2014

Wednesday again

 The day started a bit cool, plenty of hot air under the shelter though.
 Ian has finally got his old Pitts fired up.
Lift off!

 David has FPV rigged up on his old Bixler.
"Wingman" Graeme and Dave, enjoying.

 Perfect FPV landing approach.
 Ralph and his latest creation, scratch built, vaguely similar to a Fokker Tri Motor.
It will fly one day soon.

08 June 2014

Indoor Friday

Indoors on the occasional Friday night is always good.
Last Friday we had 12 registered, just enough to pay the rent.

There were plenty of interesting models in the air.
Too hard to photograph.

Bree flew her mini Vapor and a quadcopter.
 David C flies the biplane while Rob zooms by with his Vapor.

 Ben, of course, does everything except fly straight.
Squadron Biggs ready to scramble.

Enjoyable evening as always.

04 June 2014

Soggy Wednesday

 Very very wet underfoot today after 50 or so mm rain in the last two days.
Turn-up was good and plenty of flights made and much muddy water to clean off the models after.

David C was test flying this quadcopter for a mate, the review in 'RCM News issue 124' was of the airframe.
This is a package deal from 'Walkera', it includes the camera gimbal and camera.

The gimbal pivots  on brushless motors!  Unreal!
 The 5.8Ghz video transmitter is built in to the camera.
 How neat is that??

The tx has in-built video screen, (cover closed here) and optionally can plug in a headset for full FPV.


01 June 2014

Foggy Sunday

Very foggy today, Ian W had dusted off his nice Pitts Special, but it was putting up a fight at being dragged out into the open after about five years.

I suggested perhaps clean off some more dust. (Didn't go down well.)

Bruce was not having any trouble with his new Tiger 60 ensemble after his nasty shed fire.

Kevin C fired up his P39 Airacobra after a deadstick of his 'Stick' AGAIN.
Survivability was an issue this time, having to choose between landing in the fence versus the hard ground. The ground won.

New kid at the field, Tom P is moving to Bairnsdale and as an avid 'Pattern' flier, was keen to practice.

David C tried out his old 450 size 'Twister' with a newly fitted flybarless head, he was pleased with the result.

DANG!  Throttle servo not performing, looks like the receiver channel has passed on.
Oh well, something to sort before Wednesday.