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27 April 2016

Wednesday 27th

Nice weather today except for a due North breeze, I hate 90 degree cross-breezes!
Anyhow, plenty of us had a nice time, specially David C and Graeme B, getting out their FPV models.
 Graemes model, waiting.
 Camera blocks pilots view.
 Lens cap needs to come off.
Bits on the top.

Davids Model.

 Neat arrangement.
Camera is well protected. 
Very tidy topside.
 Lucky launch shot.
What can I say?

16 April 2016


Yes, we are here on Saturday, Visitors from VARMS (Victorian Association of Radio Model Soarers) came to sample our skies and our lovely airfield, not to mention our renowned camaradiere.
Weather was good to excellent at the start with a breeze from the West, straight along the strip, veering to South in the afternoon.

 Almost ready for take-off.
 Graeme assists Daniel Malcman prepare another Tug.
Tim Morland, not sleeping; Soaring!

Landing queue.

Thumbs up for great field, food and friendship.

14 April 2016


DUUHH, I forgot to include my lucky shot of Graeme B soaring with the Eagles, there were two of them and when he decided to leave, another Eagle joined in.
 They were mighty high, extremely difficult to get in frame. Lucky shot.

13 April 2016


Fabulous weather brought out plenty of members.

 Bruce just loves his new FMS Staggerwing.

Brian showed off his new paint job on the Wyvern. (Video to come)
Tom was showing off with his elderly 3 channel model, no wonder he still keeps it flying.

11 April 2016


Sunday 10th.

 A few of the "Usual Suspects" having a good time.

Sunday 3rd,

Ralphs 'bitzer' gets flying.
Kevin C 'flying'
Not flying - talking.
Lin at work.

Bruce B and cute foamy

YES!  Graeme M gets Mentor-the-replacement off.
All in all, two good Sundays.