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24 May 2015

Friday Indoor

Yes, Mid May Muster will eventually get up.

David C has a go at tweaking my Waco to see if he can make it fly.

Tom is trimming his free-flight model

Bree flew her Twister and a mini Vapor

Tom fuels up the free-flight.
Note his nifty miniature winding device.

Lots of discussion about models and indoor.

Toms models circled and climbed slowly almost to the lights, circled for a minute then slowly circled to land, all very quiet and sedate.

It was a good night, it's a pity that not many turned up to enjoy.

20 May 2015


Despite the forecast, weather was very flyable this morning and seven of us were there to enjoy.


THIS IS A WALRUS. SEA OTTER. (Googles fault)
THIS IS WALRUSI.  (plural Walrus)


THIS IS A WALRUS (Will be soon)

 Brians latest project has begun, this is being constructed to house his recently purchased Saito three cylinder RADIAL Engine.

16 May 2015

MMM Update


Weather will be close to perfect, hopefully we will have lots of visiting pilots to augment our members numbers for a great day of flying.

By the way:

ACTIO(n) Scale Rally will be on again in 2016, Labour Day weekend again, 12 to 14 March 2016.

14 May 2015


Mid May Muster weather.

Forecast still looking good!  Predicting 19 degrees, light winds.

See you there!

Meanwhile, at last nights general meeting.....

Graeme brought along his P40 for 'show&tell'.

13 May 2015


Mid May Muster weather forecast still looking good! 

18 Degrees, light winds.

11 May 2015


Mid May Muster forecast.

Current weather is not good, but Sunday 17th should be fine.

Stay tuned for more updates.

04 May 2015

Sunny Sunday

 Great weather again, all week, if we are REALLY lucky, wednesday will be fine also.

What is it with Ralph and twin engines?
Gremlins meant maiden was not a success,

Ian overhauled the engine of this Stampe, part of a collection he purchased a few months back.

You know, the models in the shed with prices on them.
Plumbing was not as it should be, so some time was spent actually getting fuel to arrive at the carby.

 Brian had no luck in firing up the engine for the Sea Fury for its first run, so the cowl came off to reveal the stunning practical exhaust.

Meanwhile Ian flew the Stampe and declared it a "Keeper".