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29 February 2016

Sunday Grey Day

Yep, another grey day, breezy, but plenty of fliers.

Graeme holds on as Ian runs up his lovely big Cub.

Cameron packs up his wonderful Eindecker 
Eindecker pilot is looking happy to be back level.

24 February 2016

Fourth Wednesday Feb.

Very warm grey day no breeze, but small air movement from all points of the compass.
Kim brought out his re-built FW 190, looks beautiful.

 Everybody was interested to see it and find out about the new engine, which has not yet been fired up.
The cowl had to be removed for some reason before starting, revealing the ballast needed in absence of a great big radial engine.

It's a petrol glo engine by Mr OS called a GGT15.

Unfortunately it is a Two Stroke which is absolutely wrong in my humble (slightly biased) opinion.
Should be a Four Stroke. Sounds better.
Of course the plan was originally designed for one of those wonderful Electric Motors which would have been even better, but Kim couldn't help himself and put in this engine.  Fortunately it is fairly quiet considering it is a infernal combustion device.
Neat heli muffler fits well within the cowl. 
Looks better.
I am looking forward to seeing it in the air where it belongs.

11 February 2016

Second Wednesday Feb

A very grey gloomy day in the sky but vibrant on the ground, with modellers having planes to fly, and fly they did.

Graeme M


Toms rocket

Kevin B ready to go with help of David C

Ron B, fast glider

David C


A good time was had by all.

01 February 2016


Woooo Hooooo!!
 That's mine.

Where's yours? 

With Ian at 'ToyLAND' of course.

Call in and pick it up.

Rc airshow Sandown 2016

There was much nail-biting as regards the weather prior to Sunday 31 January 2016 and as it turned out the weather was not too bad. Gusty wind blowing, however unlike last year it was almost straight along the "runway".
 People came in droves from far and wide.
The number of exhibits was very disapointing, however the tank fighters were back still doing battle.
VARMS Club did it again with lovely models of all sizes to look at.
 Model Engines had a great display of their product range
A most interesting model which apparently flies well.
Very drool-worthy.

The flying displays were well organised, but the deafening 'music' played as each model flew was diabolical, couldn't hear the models until the jet guys had the 'music' turned off, so that they could hear their models.
The powers took the hint and in the afternoon show, allowed the announcer to talk about the models during the flights.
The crowd reactions in the grandstand to various manouvres and heart-stopping approach-and-landings was good to hear, great involvement.
I was pleased to bump into two other of our members, specially David F visiting with his grand-kids and David C helping Mr Murphy and his racers.