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24 November 2014


 'Pattern' weekend, we had more than 20 competitors here to enjoy our excellent facilities and fabulous weather.

The technology these guys bring is just mind boggling.

SADAC 'KNAP' day, wonderful weather and turn-up.
 The judges deservedly have reasonably comfortable seating.
 While the pattern guys were having fun at our field a few of us attended Sale for their annual 'KNAP' day.
 Enjoy the pictures.
Ian and Graeme get set up.

Ian flew both his models.

Unfortunately this one didn't fly.

 Twin radials, awesome.

Wonderful Moki Radial sounded just great in the air.

Practical working exhaust system made this model VERY scale in flight.
Looked great in flight.
On-board sound system had some problems.
 When it worked, the sound system was very authentic sounding.
 These two are tug and tugee.
Tug is electric.
Parachutists, sitting on the wing here, looked very good floating down after jumping from the tug.
This jet was an absolute screamer.
Infernal combustion powered racer was extremely fast.

20 November 2014


Top two on the 'Old Farts' list.
Brian flew the Wyvern again today, looks great in the sky.

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15 November 2014


Our static show at StJohns Church Fete today.
A pleasant way to spend Saturday morning. Standing around, chatting, eating, chatting.

12 November 2014

Wednesday 12

 Perfect start to the flying day.

Lin flew his lovely Stinson.
 Ian has a new Cessna push-pull.
 Returning from a succesful maiden.
 Brian flew the Westland Wyvern and it flew beautifully to a very smooth landing however the taxiing proved a little problematical.

We need HOW MUCH fertiliser?

(For the runway, that is.)

09 November 2014

Sunday 9

Caution..... runway in use.

It's Brian!

He's unloading an ARF!
it's OK.

It was a birthday present.
What a lovely model Westland Wyvern.

Uncooperative Infernal Combustion engine meant we didn't get to see it fly.
 New member Carl M
My Corsair, in terminal crashed mode.