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31 October 2016


Ian Waters sent some more pics of the RFDS luncheon.

Last Wednesday quite a few members turned up despite the weather.

Ralph with his latest "creation".
I hope it will fly well.

23 October 2016

Special Sunday

Today was Special in that it was RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) day and club family day.
Donating $5 to RFDS and having a nice time with family was accomplished in typical fashion with a table groaning under a wonderful quantity of excellent quality food, provided by the catering committee as only they can do.

Special guests were Alex and Bec Chigwidden; unfortunately the weather conspired to stymie Alexs' ambition to fly his model, but at a next time, I am sure this will be accomplished.
Alex and Bec.

Wonderful Food
There was no shortage of conversation.

If anyone went hungry or short of chats then it was their own fault.

19 October 2016

Windy Wednesday

A few diehar enthusiastic pilots turned up today despite the bloody cold wind.
David C is flying in this shot, shame the sock isn't very clear; when I departed Kevin M was flying his 'Triple stabilised Apprentice', I hope he landed it in one piece.