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20 August 2014


I am finding it very hard to get used to this view of the shed.

I am holidaying so no more posts until late September.

Ron B bought this Sukhoi from Ian W after a bad landing, he's just put in a new twin cylinder engine, a VERY NOISY engine, I'm sure if it was decibelised by authorities it would fail the test. Didn't fly today, it tripped in one of the holes in the runway and busted the prop.

16 August 2014


Indoor flying at the B.A.R.C. is most enjoyable.
It's only two hours, 1900 - 2100 on an occasional Friday night.

 A few people get along, quite often there is a visitor or three who are not club members, that's always good to see.

The variety of models is amazing.

A good time is had by all and $7 per head is not unreasonable for the hire of the three basketball courts.
Would you believe that some of our members have not even come along to try it?

03 August 2014

Sunny Sunday

 Arriving at the field on a bright, COLD sunny Sunday after days of very high winds, the "executive" pits area was inevitably found to be uprooted and rolled up once again.
All hands and feet on the job to roll it up.
The end which was partly ripped through was removed neatly and also rolled up, ready for ultimate transfer to  State Field Eastern.

Brian had the Swordfish fixed and - YES, it still flies!