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29 July 2013

A Good Weekend

Saturday Night Social Dinner Evening was a great success with about 27 people attending.

Sandra and Lorraine prepared an excellent roast beef and veges dinner with the most able assistance of Carole-Anne and Lynette.

A most convivial atmpsphere.

 Caleb and David C head out to the runway for a night-flight.

Very Dark out there.

Amazingly, even I could see the orientation most of the time, had to watch very closely though.

Ben also did some Heli flying in his usual high speed manner, impossible to photograph.

Sunday was cold but very good flying with a good attendance.

21 July 2013

Sunday Already

Cold wind today, but plenty of members turned up to fly.
Ben had this own design Quadcopter to fly, it's a project for school.
Ply sandwiching 10mm balsa 'fuselage' with aluminium square tube motor support arms and aluminium sheet undercarriage.
I love those wooden props.
I was surprised how heavy it is and I tried it without the battery.

Note the onboard LCD screen to assist in programming the card from Hobby King.

19 July 2013

July Tenth was the AGM, I wasn't present as I was interstate.
Congratulations to Graeme, re-elected president.
Also to Bruce S, vice president.
Brian is the secretary again as Ian M is treasurer again.

Sunday we had very good weather on wet grass as it had rained Saturday, the western pit area (pictured) is now sporting a nice conveyor surface.
All is most excellent!