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25 July 2012

Wednesday 25th July was a fabulous day for flying except for the COLD.

 Brian brought along his own designed C5 Galaxy with 4 - 65mm ducted fans running on 2x4s LiPo
Ripping through the sky on 4s

Coasting in for a smooth landing.
Fly on 2 x 3s LiPo it will, very nicely.
Glide very nicely too it does.

22 July 2012

July Christmas

About 21 attendees enjoyed "Christmas in July" on 21st July.
Sandra and Lorraine were the instigators and are to be congratulated on top organisation. I think everybody brought along something from a casserole
to hot nibblies.
Much conversation and mingling made for a most enjoyable evening.
The food contributions were excellent in their diverse variety and tasy flavours.

 Here  are just a few photos of the happy crowd.