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22 April 2013

Good One

Landing approach
Another top day for flying with quite a few guys in attendance.
David C did the honours again for Graeme M and piloted
the Skyraider for its second flight.

That was the highlight of the day although Ben did his usual shredding of the laws of physics with his helicopter doing all sorts of impossible flying stuff, just because he can.

19 April 2013

Wednesday pix

 Today I flew my new cheapo "Action Camera" to get a shot of the field with the new smooth conveyor-belt surfacing in the pits and executive taxi-way  along with our lovely 9 metre by 50 metre runway.

I used a high-tech approach as can be seen in the accompanying pix.

The Art-Tech Diamond 1800 Glider is shown lying on its back with the camera nestled in its port wing-pit.

The Action Camera came with a range of mounting options in the box, but resort had to be made to other suitable methods so as to preserve the pristine (not) glider.
It's amazing how smooth and stable the model looks in-flight when watching from ground level but how violently it is chucked about by every bit of breeze when viewing the video.

14 April 2013

Team Wear

Brian brought along some sample TShirts and jackets for us to peruse with the aim of getting us nice-looking blokes even better looking in a coordinated way.
Our models, Kim and Ian are wearing for your enjoyment the chosen items and Brian is taking orders. The club logo will be embroidered on left front, no printing on the back this time.

Get your orders in VERY soon.

OK turn off the soppy music now.

Charles and I had a coming-together in the mid air this morning, the planes hit wing to wing, very noisy and not much damage until they hit the ground.

11 April 2013

Hazy Day

Lots of smoke haze after a foggy start today.
Lots of guys turned up to enjoy the calm conditions.

 David C is tweaking Brians ESC in the Ryan

 A full-size Douglas A-1 Skyraider, a most successful carrier-based aircraft.
A web site dedicated to the type, here.

Graemes model takes flight today, after taxi trials, David C did the honours.
The video is here.

07 April 2013

Club Fun Fly Day

The weather could not have been any better for our Fun Fly Day
Lots of members turned up, but there were only 11 who wanted to participate in the events.
Excellent tasks were organised by Kim, seen here presenting the prizes, to Ben (right) who would only accept third prize, despite being top scorer.
(Left) Ken is presented with second prize and below left, Ron B recieves first prize.
 Congratulations to those blokes; contestants and judges/scorers pictured below right.
See the right side panel 'Event Information' for a list of the events.

A great shame that there were no more entrants, I entered, despite a complete lack of experience in the tasks and I had a ball, even performing my first "Proper" loop!