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24 February 2014

Sunday Fun Fly

23rd February the Fun Fly got underway in excellent weather, I have no photos as I was a contestant and between each event I spent time straightening the starboard undercarriage leg. My model is a cheap Hobby King F4U Corsair, which fies well, doesn't like to spin, not that I can do it very well anyway.
First was Ben (of course), second David C, and Third, Brody.
There were only seven entrants, I came sixth, seventh was Ron B recipient of the 'Hard Luck' award as he crashed out, unfortunately, cheating me of last place.

20 February 2014

Sunday Not Fun Fly

Sunday 16th
No Fun Fly today, wind blowing far too hard for most of us to contemplate the competition events.

HOWEVER, Ben enjoyed flying into the wind at windspeed, meaning groundspeed was about zero.
Brody assisted.

Ian W, David C and Kevin C also had a flight, just to show it could be done.

Ben towed Brodys' wing glider to great hight and Brody thought the easiest way to keep an eye on things was to get horizontal.

The rest of us got stuck into the sausage sizzle with great enthusiasm.

15 February 2014

Sausage Sizzle

Sausage sizzle fundraiser today went very very well.
Weather was hot, but the bushfire smoke pretty much stayed away.
The BBQ tent, situated by the front left entrance is provided by Bunnings.

 The tent is enclosed on three sides and has set up.....

a big hot-plate BBQ with a bottle of gas.

There is a couple of small sinks next to it and a servery bench beside that.
We provide cooking irons and accessories etc etc.
It's a great setup and a different community group operates the fundraiser sizzle every Saturday.

Kevin B, Graeme M,Brian and Ken on afternoon shift.

BIG thanks to the guys who helped out today, especially to Graeme M and Brian who were there all day.

04 February 2014


Plenty of members turned up today, despite foggy start, then high humidity, then just plain hot.


Graeme has a new PC21, running in the engine with help and advice from Lin and David C

Cameron has this lovely customised Albatros D5.
The original finish by Eflite was too glossy and not detailed enough so he set to work.

Note his paint work on the engine and the added guns from Williams Kits.

Rodney arrived with a new radial 4 stroke petrol engine for his large scale F4U Corsair, says it will save him a fortune in fuel costs.
The stand and mount for his running-in setup is very strong.