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29 November 2016

New Satellite Pics

Just found that the satellite view has been updated in the not far distant past.

Not bad.

28 November 2016

Static Saturday

19 November saw a few of us at StJohns church for their annual fete, good weather meant lots of passers by.

A pleasant morning I thought.

27 November 2016

P&DARCS Scratch/kit-built scale rally.

While I was at SWAMPS, P&DARCS Scratch/kit-built scale rally weekend was in progress, Sunday was attended by Brian, Ian W, Tom and Kim.
Loads of pics supplied by Kim.
 A windy, grey day.
Blohm and Voss 141
DH83 Fox Moth

Hawker Tempest

Pitts Special
Tom brought along his nifty Pace

B25 Mitchell

Cute diarama featuring a Airco DH2.
B24 Liberator


A6M Zero

This B36 is electric powered, with edfs in the jet pods to help the six props.
Massive B36 Peacemaker, wingspan around the 5 metre mark.

Brians PBY 5A won Pilots Choice
Fab Trophy!

Brian was really stoked to receive this, as the standard of models there was extremely high, it went up on the wall as soon as he got home.

Brian made a great choice off the prize table

07 November 2016

Swamps Sunday

SWAMPS Club Memorial Day for David Chigwidden was not the best for weather, just look at the sock here.

 Undeterred, some aviation was committed prior to lunch.
Basic necessities here.
Fred wove magic at the BBQ and it wasn't long before a gourmet luncheon was on the table and everyone got stuck in.

 After lunch, sitting and chatting, one of the members disappeared and returned with containers of scones, a bucket of cream and a jar of jam.
WOW in 6 foot high red and gold plastic letters..... worlds greatest scones, topped with perfectly whipped cream, with (I think) just a touch of vanilla essence therein, the strawberry jam was a delight too. Fabulous!!!

Alex had said to Fred that it would be really good to fly "Uncle Bob", a Howard something, it hadn't been out of the shed for a long time, so Fred had done a few jobs on it and it was time to see if it would still fly.

And fly it did! Many hearts were in mouths of spectators and Fred alike, with the wind suddenly gaining strength and blowing even this large model about.
Landings were experienced, and third try lucky as Fred finally got it to stay on the ground.
I had a great day and the hospitality was excellent, many thanks to all the 'Swampies'.