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28 January 2015


Today was a tad on the windy side, but some of us flew, then hung around chatting while others were replacing belts on the red mower. This is getting to be a habit.

Kim did the test drive, narrowly missed getting a speeding ticket in the process.

24 January 2015


Ben recently headed off to a competition of Helicopter flinging (you know the way he chucks his about) and won his class.
His antics were noticed by a retailer ( Zen Rc ) who subsequently offered some sponsorship!
Needless to say it was accepted with pleasure.
I reckon that's great news, congratulations Ben.

21 January 2015


 So while blokes were flying some blokes were working on the mowers.
The red mower has had new bearings in the front wheels and on the cutting blades.
 Kim and Brian grease up the front end.
While Ian doesn't LOOK really pleased, he is secretly very happy at a most successful test drive and mow.

 The cadet engine has been rebuilt after a melt-down requiring a new piston and TWO con-rods.
It is ready to be inserted in the frame.
 Kim, Tom and Brian have the engine in the frame and the laborious process of trying to remember what goes where begins.
No bits left over and Brian goes roaring into the test drive.

15 January 2015

R/c Festival at Sandown

 January 11 at 1204 the gates opened and I got through the gate at 1225.
 There must have been 2 or 3 hundred people milling about waiting for the gates to open.
 Large models static display at the grandstand entrance.
 Very impressive models indeed.

I don't know if the engine is a dummy or not, I suspect not.

 This display of tanks was interesting, they could fire on one another and score hits etc.

 Inside, the range of displays were excellent.
 The size of the gliders impressed me.
 International scale comp winners show such detail, I was gobsmacked.

You can run, but you can't hide!
Although I didn't see our other two members who were present.

(Ian W and Graeme M)
 Large scale choppers, awesome.

This model detail was fabulous, on chatting to the owner, I discovered a secret.
 Most of the fabulous detail is by 3D Printer!

Powered by electric motor of course! He told me it was a bit over powered, kept chewing gears.

Stunning, look at the extinguisher, printed the day before.

A number of retailers were there, I think a fairly brisk trade was happening, judging by the packages people were carrying.
 Nifty turbines.

Power boats aplenty.

 How about that heavy duty gimbal.
Mighty expensive hardware here.

 The grandstand afforded great views and the audience really appreciated the performance of the pilots flying in VERY difficult conditions.
 The runway was the car-race track with very gusty winds mostly at right angle to the runway.  Turbulence caused by the wind coming over the top of the armco was seriously entertaining the crowd during landings in particular.

Note, broken model at left, rolled on take off.

I think only 4 models were totalled, not bad really.

Note how many aeromodellers needed to pack up big stuff.

08 January 2015


 Very hot day, breeze from west through to the east changing constantly.
The open shelter had serious use, it was a life-saver.

Ian, Lin and Brian made sure they got to fly.