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25 August 2013

Oh Dear!

The re-built Victa of Graemes bit the paddock today.

No repairs this time!

It seems that some aileron trim went too far and an over-correction put her in.

22 August 2013

Blown Away

Double trouble.

At last the wind has blown itself away and activity could resume at the field.

Graeme M was seeing double as he rebuilt his Victa Tourer which had a close encounter with the fence some time back, looking almost as good as its replacement.

Ian W gets some help from Graeme as he prepares his Cessna, recently purchased from Ron B.

Davic C flew this "Drastik", a very nice and rather aerobatic version of the 'Stik' tribe.
Powered by a "20" something or other it is a bit lacking in the power department

Kevin C showed up with this atractive floater.

A rather good flying day.

11 August 2013


This bloke should look familiar, yes it's Arron, having retrieved his Vampire EDF.
Note the plastic bag in his left hand.

Excellent weather brought out quite a few members and some wannabees also.

10 August 2013

Indoor Flying Night

Friday night was organised for indoor flying at the BARC.
(Bairnsdale Aquatic and Recreation Centre).
The three basketball courts being rather ideal for our purposes.

Seventeen people registered @ $5 each. Not all were club members, I don't know how that worked, but it was all very friendly and enjoyable.

I believe everyone had a most enjoyable evening, I am sure that there will be more of these to come.

 Rod flew this lovely looking Tiger Moth, putting it back together was easy as it is held together by magnets.

 Rob lands his Eflight heli after some nifty twirling of the sticks.

Kim had exciting times with his micro Boomerang.

Parkzone T28 expertly piloted by Ken was a swift circulator.

Our big raffle prize was on show for ticket sales.

01 August 2013


NO, he's NOT grumpy.
He has just had a great fly of his own-design Vulcan.
It goes like a rocket with its two new EDF units.

Graeme brought out the Skyraider, now adorned with lovely graphics.

Note the nifty retractable tail wheel.

Pilot waiting patiently for the undercart to be pumped up.

Enjoy the lovely decals made by 'Cal-grafx Hobby Art' a decal making mob in Florida, they are beautiful and Graeme has gone to much trouble to apply them very carefully.

Of course the application of "rivets" was a little more delicate an operation.

Looking great under command of David C.

Gear down and locked.

A most graceful return to the runway.