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25 March 2015

Catching Up (at last)

Long ago it was a very nice day.

Lots of guys came to fly

Saturday 21st Bunnings sausage sizzle got underway

Some of the sizzlers.

Many thanks to all my volunteers for a great day.

Today 25th: There are lots of secondhand models and plans in the shed, they are for sale.

 Just a couple here, to find out more, talk to Ian Waters
There are a couple of this one still in their  boxes!

24 March 2015

ACTIO(n)Scale Rally....Grand Opening VMAA State Field Eastern.

Saturday March 7 2015, conditions were a bit blustery but there were plenty of modellers ready and willing to put models skyward.
The inaugural ACTIO(n) Scale Rally was underway.
ACTIO(n) means 'Aeromodellers Competition Three In One (n)', three sections of competition, either, or all sections available to enter depending on your level of excitement.
Section One, Static Scale Concourse,

judging from 4Mts.

Section Two, Flying for Realism.

Section Three, flying for enjoyment.
Entries received were for 21 Pilots, but probably 30 or more models.

Judging of static scale got underway along with some enthusiastic flying.
I thought the rules were rather complicated, but that's apparently because I have never been involved in this level of competition.
Saturday afternoon, the wind got to a speed deemed a little too high and so packing up proceeded about 2:00pm.

Our dedicated catering ladies were kept busy all day.
Sunday 8th was somewhat reduced in windspeed and everyone enjoyed flinging models of all shapes and sizes into the sky.
About 1:30 official stuff happened.
BADMAC President Graeme Martin started proceedings, then handed over to MAAA President Neil Tank,  then to Mayor of East Gippsland Shire, Councillor Peter Neal then to VMAA President Carl Bizon who performed the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the day.
Here are the Opening formalities in more detail.

Tim James flew Barrys old Tiger Moth, to much applause, opening the field.

The official duties over with, models took to the air again until results were collated and more official stuff took place.

Major sponsor 'Addies Hobbies' of Carrum in Melbourne provided a large number of prizes for the event and also put on some very good flying displays of various models by Lucas and his Dad Wayne Newman.

Pilots Choice - David Chigwidden (SWAMPS) Fairey Gannet
Model of the Meet - Tom Prosser ( Highest sum Flying plus Static) Pace Spirit
Barry James Flight Realism - David Chigwidden (SWAMPS) Fairey Gannet
High Static Non ARF - Brian Hutchinson (BADMAC) SeaFury
High Static Modified ARF - Adrian Fasham (PARCS) Topflight P40
High flight score Day One - Carl Bizon (PARCS) Cessna 182
High flight score Day Two - Ken Nicholls (BADMAC) Chipmonk

A draw then took place so up to 20 registered pilots could select something from the "Goodies" table.
At the cessation of flying all present were invited to attend a wake for Barry James in the shed.
Monday 9th weather was about the same and a handful of pilots enjoyed flying and camaraderie.

BADMAC wishes to thank all people who attended the weekend, not all had brought a model to fly, some just came along to have a good look and enjoy.

Here is a Silent Video Slideshow of the weekend.  It's better quality than it looks here.

04 March 2015


When I arrived at the field today this is the sight as I stepped out of the car.

Friday 27th

 Our member Gary (left) and his colleague John are pilots of Fire Bombing aircraft under contract to DEPI (or whatever they call themselves now) from a Canadian company called Field Air.
They generously gave of their time to show us their aircraft and to demonstrate water bombing.

 Gary in his office.
We were able to get a guided tour of the dashboard, one at a time.

Everyone present was impressed with the aircraft and with the demonstrated accuracy of the drops.

We thank Gary and John very much for the experience and look forward to their return next fire season.

Loading the hopper with about 750 US Gallons.

 We gather to watch the demonstration flight.

(Video to be edited and posted on Youtube)

The Aircraft: Air Tractor AT-802F Single engine air tanker.
3,200 Litres Load capacity, Foam, Retardent or Gel.
Engine Power up to 1600 HP 300kmh cruise speed to target.
Short take off/ fast climb, Remote/Rugged airstrip capability.
Computerised fire door with infinite selectability of coverage level.