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30 October 2013


A different view of the field from the hill at the east end.

13 October 2013

After the Wind

A great job of tidying up today, before flying, if any was done as the wind was increasing by the time I had to leave.
The runway was re-layed and the blokes did a fantastic job.

 Rob and Kev fixing one of the safety fences.


 A new sock flying high.


 The other runway belt getting sorted out, but not re-layed at this time.

 Lots of willing hands working hard, well done.

06 October 2013

Gloomy Sunday

I am back from holiday and look at what has happened, huge wind storms a week ago re-arranged the field a little.

Our lovely pink runway!!!

Part of the pits

Poor sock!
See where some of the pits used to be.

Dave F has a new model, a heavy one, he flew it today, note port wing strut. .

Here is proof positive that Bens heli CAN in fact, fly right-side UP!

It doesn't do that very often.