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25 September 2014


 A nice warm day with clouds.

The shelter is in preparation phase for reincarnation at the State Field.
 Brian brings the big PBY back from another successful sortie.
Plenty of social interaction between episodes of aviation.

17 September 2014

Mid September

Sunday 14th, weather was fine, a bit breezy but quite a few members fronted up.

Ben was flying his big Heli, you can see, it's right side up, he has FINALLY got some control over it.

 Brody was helping Tom set up his pattern ship.
 Brian brought out his lovely Swordfish again.

Doesn't it look great in the air?

Looks like Ben has lost complete control again.
 Graeme M was punting the Victa Air Tourer... a very nice model.

Wednesday 17th... not many came out today, they must have believed the wind forecast.
Those of us who were here saw Kevin maiden his new VQ Pilatus PC-7 Viper.
Flies well.