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16 May 2011

Muster was a great day.

OK the wind was very cold, but west to south west which means not at right angles to the strip, but mostly straight along. Mostly sunny and there were visitors from out of town which was great to see.
Thanks to generous sponsors, Addies Hobbies, Model Engines and ToyLAND Bairnsdale, there were good prizes on offer and wonderfully received.

Around 23 pilots registered with 39 models. Dave counted nearly 50 models all up.

Plenty of spectators came for a look and so we have gate-takings to bank.President Graeme with some of the pilots and friends during formalities.
Thanks to ladies operating the canteen, we could be warmed up from the inside with plenty of hot food and drinks.

15 May 2011

MMM Underway

Here we are, models at the ready, or almost, the canteen is running.
Weather is very good.
Looking forward to a great day.

MMM Sunday Morning

Looks like it WILL be mostly sunny, cloud is breaking up now (0730).
Will be a bit breezy though. Shouldn't be too bad.
I will report again from the field.

14 May 2011

Saturday Evening

The field is ready, just a bit damp.
Sunday should be mainly sunny, but cool, 15 degrees or so.
The breeze will be moderate and cold.
I will report first thing Sunday if blogger doesn't go off the air again.


Blogger has been off line until now, so late posting.
We've had a fair bit of rain and wind; going to the field this morning for a working bee, it will probably be very wet underfoot I'm afraid.
The forecasts have been changed for Sunday. The forecast wind has dropped significantly.
Will report again later.

10 May 2011

MMM weather

The bureau is forcasting mostly sunny 17 deg with breezes to 22 kmh.
Oh well, last year was PERFECT, but who knows - the forecasts are not correct too often.
Stay Tuned!

05 May 2011

MMM Preparations

The Mid May Muster, 15th May, approacheth rapidly and preparations are underway to get the field in even better condition for the big day.
Prizes are being organised (see below) and the new shed will be ready to serve up good nosh.
It is such a shame that other clubs are competing with us on the day, when we will have a better day of flying to enjoy.