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30 July 2016

Lovely weather for visitors.

Lovely weather today for our visitors members of the VJAA looking to try out our top-notch field.

Nice Trainer

Bits to make it go

My mate Rob Kas took some shots of models in flight.

Everyone  I spoke to Thought our field is excellent.

Terry Thomas turned up in my next car (after I win Tatts).
My wife LOVES it :-)

21 July 2016


Last night an uneventful AGM at the West Bairnsdale Football Clubrooms, a pleasant venue. Surprise surprise, no changes.

03 July 2016


Good weather again - offering relief from yesterdays boring election.
As reported last Sunday Ian has this lovely Spacewalker and I have photographed it so all may bask in its beauty.

The 4 cylinder engine tappet covers peek out through the cowl in just the right places.

 Pilot has all the right instruments for aviation

 Workmanship is top notch.

 Four exhausts  to coat the underside in lots of gooey oily stuff.


How about those neat con-trails, lots of them today.

Wonderful Wednesday

Weather was close to perfect and many members turned up to enjoy.
 David C is tweaking the Apprentice of new member Kevin M (grandson Bodi supervising) and other newbie Terry T whose Apprentice was also treated to the same TLC. Graeme B looks on.
Both models flew and both members had hands on.
 A VERY  busy pilots box indeed.
Lots of aviation was committed by all.