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30 June 2013

Super Sunday

Fabulous weather today!
Freezing-fingers very early on but developed into a coat-off day.
Quite a lot of guys turned up to enjoy.
I haven't seen Brians C5 Galaxy for some time after one of the fans had a meltdown, but some new fans arrived last week and OH BOY do they have a lot of thrust.

Two have found their way onto the inboard pylons powered by 4Cells and looking a bit less scale as there are no engine casings inboard any more, but they look fine because they have metal housings.

 There are two others which are destined for Brians own-design Vulcan, can't wait for that.
Rear view shows the exposed outrunner motor.
The outer plastic fans run off 3 cells.

Looking very good in the air.

Sounds the part very nicely too!

23 June 2013

Sun Sunday

A freezing-fingers start with sunshine was the order of the day.

 By lunchtime it was quite pleasant.

Ian (inset) is very relaxed cruising his glider about the sky.

 There were lots of guys flying I just managed to catch this one.

The Skywalker punted about by Ian S.

 Can't help feeling it ought to have a windshield for the pilot.

No Pilot.

 This little procession courtesy of Ralph.

16 June 2013

Soggy Sunday

The heading says it all, the rain started after our flying on Wednesday and has hardly stopped since. I headed out to the field this morning to see if any other idi...... eerrr blokes would be there, Ben was flying this fairly new heli, Electric Of Course! I was impressed by his practising auto-rotate landings. Rob assembled his 'Apprentice'.
A spectator turned up followed by Pres Graeme he didn't get a model out, I flew my 'Bellhop', needing to test it after adjusting push-rods, which fortunately was a non-event.

13 June 2013

Wednesday Overcast

Graeme and Brian prepare for aviation.

A very grey day, but there was a good turn up as there was almost no wind.

 David C is checking surfaces on the big Skyraider.

 Brian belted the AT6 around the sky.

 Ian brought out HIS Skyraider, note all the draggy bits underneath.

 A slight size difference.

Ian jumps into the air.

Brian landed on the mat quite a few times.

09 June 2013


What excellent weather!
Freezing cold to start, fingers not working too well on the sticks at the start.
I was away for only 2 weeks, but look at the runway! It's now 18 Mt wide by 50 Mt long, Ian W Electric Beaver shown ready to take off.
AWESOME! Well done, those responsible for this.

01 June 2013

Muster Movie

I have had a chance to stitch together the videos I shot at the Muster, the result is rather long but I left out very much more than I left in.
 It runs 10 and half minutes, is a bit wobbly, as are all my videos.

It will keep you out of trouble for a while anyway.