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25 November 2015


After the wind stiffened, the blokes decided it was time to get nibbling and farewell Trevor on his way to live in Queensland.

 Farewell, hope you don't get cooked, it's HOT up there.

21 November 2015

Saturday Static

St.Johns church in Bairnsdale annual fair meant our static display team was at it again.
Gloomy windy day meant slow attendance, but 'tis better to go than miss any possible opportinity.

Meanwhile, out at the field........

Pattern judges were huddled at work, not being blown away.

17 November 2015



 Yes, it's a very long time since the shed looked like this.

 This pic doesn't do justice to how good the taxi/startup areas are looking now.

Unfortunately someone planted things in the borders.

15 November 2015

Lots of catching up.

It is about time I bought us up to date a bit.
 28 October, Brian readies the Walrus for heavy certification.

Flying nicely, but underpowered a little, needs some weight removed from the nose.

This made the model very touchy on its second flight, this is the bounce.
Note windscreen and a port wheel departing the aircraft.

Some of the wing wires gave way.

Pilot rode it all the way down and escaped with a few scratches.

29 October a group tour of "The Old Aeroplane Company" at TYabb Airfield had been organised and nine of us rolled up for the tour.
Here are just a few photos, I will put together a presentation soon.
As we arrived the P40 and the P51 were starting up to go flying.
The noise of those Merlins on takeoff was just ear splitting, FABULOUS!

The F4u Corsair was gorgeous.

 The guys check out the P51.

This is DIY ultra-light Spitfire kit, Graeme is thinking "I could get a receiver in that awesome model, our runway is long enough."

30 October work bee pours concrete for nifty start-up bays.

8 November a few of us attend Sale Cub "KNAP Day"
As you can see the weather was perfect and there were plenty of models and spectators.

10 November working bee to put roof on shelter

 A job well done

15 November nice Sunday weather with a good turnout of members.

Peanut gallery.

Ralph is explaining the finer points of home-designed scale twin engined aircraft
What a marathon! Well at least you're sort of up to date now.