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10 January 2016

2016 Sunday Two

Great weather brought out 15 members today and good flying was had by all.

 Ok, there was a bit of a breeze, but mostly in a good direction.
Brians 'Storch'

Lins  re-engined 'Flybaby'

Lovely engine, sounds excellent
Brian is de-ARFing his Wyvern, will totally look scratch built

01 January 2016

End of a Good Year

Wednesday 30th saw a very good attendance of members at the field for the last official fly day of 2015.
 Cameron was enjoying his first day back flying after his excellent holiday.
This model flies exceptionally well with great longevity for 4 motors running.
 Brian brought out his refurbished Spitfire, looking good with new paint.
Her didn't fly it though.
His 'Walrus' required his attention as it wanted to get back in the air.

And get back in the air it did, big time ...... Twice.
Click on me to see the video on our Utube Channel