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30 November 2017

Saturday Static

The 18th November was the Annual Fete at StJohns Church in Bairnsdale and we had a few models on show again. Weather was great, lots of people stopped to have a good look at the models.

The most common question was "Do they actually fly?".

:) Geoff

13 November 2017


Fine weather saw plenty of modellers turn out for Sale clubs annual Kero, Nitro, Amps, Petrol fly in. In the past there have been plenty of jet jockeys in attendance, unfortunately, not so this time.
Scott Matthews brilliant models

Lots of models and people.

Greg Fry with his lovely turbine-powered heli.

Perfect scale flying is the only way to fly.
Rons RV4 looks good in this company.
Interesting glider

Tech talk, burnt out servo meant no flight.

Rodney did some nifty taxiing demo's.

Busy busy, as one lands another is ready to take off, pretty much all day.

What does Scott use to tow this beauty?
It was a good day, thank you to our members who came and enjoyed.
I hope we can get more of us to get to more events so other clubs know we are active.      :) Geoff