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27 May 2010

Newsletter Out NOW!

Just sent out the June Newsletter, a shame there's not much in the way of photographs, but hey, the quality can't be knocked!

16 May 2010


The day dawned COLD with a cloudless sky and no wind. Preparation was fine tuned and pilots arrived, many from other clubs, with plenty of models.
Plenty of visitors from the public, must have been hundreds throughout the day. During lunch break 21 cars arrived after a display in Bairnsdales main street. Talking to some of the drivers, they were rapt and fascinated by the models and the flying.
This was a day to remember, the weather could not have been better, the canteen was in full flight also.

15 May 2010

MMM Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow, this field will be full of planes and pilots, all is ready, weather forecast, Fog clearing. Winds: Light winds tending east to northeasterly about 10 knots during the afternoon. Min5 Max 19.
Going to be excellent!

14 May 2010

2 Days to Go!

Looking good, for tomorrows working bee. Bureau is now saying for Sunday,
Partly cloudy. Morning fog patches. Light winds. Min 5 Max 19.
Fog patches means light winds alright, I reckon we're on track for a great day!
See predicted weather pattern.

12 May 2010

4 Days to Go

What a windy Wednesday! This is good, the wind runs out and Sunday is GREAT!
The bureau still predicts "Sunny, light winds." 4 to 19 degrees, up 1 deg. from before. We had a nice piece of publicity in "East Gippsland News" today, lots of coverage in the district from the free paper.
I'm betting on a good day to fly. Looking forward to it.

10 May 2010

6 Days to Go.

The B.O.M. 7 day forecast reckons Sunday 16th "Mostly sunny. Light winds."
They are very close to my prediction.
In other words "Condition Green".
Field preparation is looking great.

08 May 2010

Working Bee 8th May 10

A good working bee today, weather was perfect, the weatherman rehearsing for the 16th.
He got it right today, so it will be tomorrow week.
It's hard to believe how much crap builds up in a shed over time, isn't it?
Reminds me of my shed :-D

05 May 2010

BADMAC Newsletter for May now out.

Sent out the Newsletter for May '10 today, plus updates to clubs this side of Melbourne, regarding the up-coming Mid May Muster.

We welcomed 2 visitors recently, Steve from Bangholme south of Melbourne. and Wayne from north of Adelaide, South Aust. Wayne flies an 'Edge 540' with interesting decorations.

03 May 2010

I am sure the weather will be fine for the Muster, working bee's are organised, the field will be in good shape, looking good.