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28 December 2014

4th Day of Christmas

NOT "4 Calling birds" but
many vehicles in the car park,
lots of models to fly......

 members sheltering from the sun and new member Gary, really enjoying his stay here, where he gets to fly his very nice aerobat.

(Below) Closer up view of Garys' plane.
It seemed to spend a lot of time inverted.

11 December 2014

Christmas party

Christmas party was held last night at the Retreat Hotel Nicholson.
You will see from the very general photos that a very large number of members came along to enjoy the camaraderie and judging by the conversation at earsplitting  levels, they did.
Once again, everyone I spoke to said that the meals were very good.
We had a great time. Brian had his usual Bamboozeling mind stretching puzzles to get us all thinking hard again, I'm not very good at that.


01 December 2014

Sunday at LVMAC

LVMAC held their 'Wet and Dry' weekend and I attended on Sunday to lend support, see float planes fly and flog some of our Guessing Comp entries.
 Plenty of models were present, as was the wind.

 Water was too rough in the morning, but abated somewhat in the afternoon to allow acouple of guys to show how it's done.
Chris was not successful in getting his model to move off the grass.
Next door paddocks had machinery operating, excreting hay bales.
Geoff B flew VERY briefly a 'propasaurus' further flights are unlikely.
His 'Superman' model suffered the same fate.

I enjoyed the visit, camaraderie and flying, not to mention the sausage sizzle.