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30 April 2015

After the wet.

 Wednesday 29th dawned as a fine day and plenty of members turned up to FINALLY get to fly again after weeks of bad weather.

Our few low areas still retaining a bit of water, but otherwise the runway was very good.

A temporary drain was dug to reduce water in the pits area.

 Graeme had the Victa out to blow away the dust.

 Toms glider gets a rest after tearing up the sky.

 Ian gets help from Ron as he commences run-in operations on a new engine in a new model.

(Below) note the mess coming out of the practical exhaust pipes

Car park is not the greatest place when it's damp!

02 April 2015

Yesterday was Wednesday

Charging station getting a good workout.

Great day, good turnout.

Brett clears the fence with his Radian Pro.

Tom had many flights with his "Old Timer"


 This can only mean ONE THING!

Yep, an uncooperative infernal combustion engine.


Ron B brings the Extra back.

More un-fuelling with the breeze at 90 deg. to the runway.