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12 February 2011

Motor Expo Successful

The weather was cool and completely overcast, a bit damp underfoot in places, but a good day.

Shane Bartlett came all the way from Sale to participate, bringing lovely jet models to show and lighting up on two occasions, to the delight of huge audiences who suddenly appeared at the fabulous sound.

11 February 2011


I had a look at our location at the Racecourse today, looks good despite last night rainfall, there may be a bit more overnight. The grass has been slashed and is 60- 70mm long.
Tomorrow the forecast is for possible shower, 20 degrees, southerly breeze.
I think it is definitely on, condition green, all ahead slow.
I will be there, I hope to see you there sometime.

Motor Expo Sat 12th Feb

The weather forecast is not too flash, we've had a fair bit of rain overnight, I'll check out the racecourse during the day and see what it looks like.