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21 February 2018

Recent Observations

Reasonably nice weather causes members to front up and fly.
Steve shows how best to get your model back to the pits

Pesky infernal combustion engines have to be fiddled with prior to flight.

FINALLY, cowl on and.............

Kim brought along his FW190 to commit aviation once more.

Some models do not like travelling fast on the ground.
and they trip over their own wheels

Then co-operate and spectacular flight takes place.

Only to chuck a tantrum when having to land.
Sorry Kim and David.
:) Geoff.

04 February 2018

Weekend Wonderings

First up....this lovely setup was constructed by whom?

N gauge railway (that's quite small).

Brian shows his new engine for the Spitfire he's building.
130 of the cc thingys. (The Wyvern is there to fill the space)

Saturday working bee went well.

Pete n Rob trimming fast and furious.
Sunday was very well attended.

Excellent weather, breeze was from any of the 360 degrees on any given minute.
Cheers :) Geoff.
Train layout by Pete A.