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16 September 2015

Gen Meet Wednesday Evening

Ian "Show and Tell"

No wonder he's smiling.
Nice one, will find its way into a 30% Stearman

Wednesday Woes

Ian Ws' lovely P51 takes off for the last time, (for now anyway) on flight number three in recent weeks.
Flying strongly at the top of a ,engine cut to idle, not to recover power.

Not a pretty resultant post-mortem.

What an excellent engine and exhaust.

Here is the culprit! One clevis formerly connected to the throttle servo.
Ian said the model was too expensive to throw in the bin, so I assume repairs will be in order.

14 September 2015

Sunny Sunday

 Yes, at last, temperature predicted to be 24deg, and quite a few guys turned up to enjoy.

 I think Brets phone is welded to his head.


The Sea Fury has taken to the air again, Movies on Youtube

03 September 2015

Wednesday a beauty!

Weather was very good and about ten members turned up to enjoy.

 Great camaraderie was had, as well as some excellent flying,
also, some not-so-excellent.
HOWEVER, Brian fired up the SeaFury and a maiden flight was underway, a problem reared up and within about 2 circuits he landed safelyish, one rather expensive propeller later, unfortunately.
 A disconnected aileron was the culprit.
Left aileron the culprit

Errant grub screw, the cause.