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27 May 2017

MMM in the Advertiser

Thanks to Bairnsdale Advertiser May 26th 2017

24 May 2017

Mid May Muster


Two nosy neighbours flew by to see what was happening.

We had several pilots from Latrobe Valley Club, they seem to always send some support and we appreciate their presence.

One visitor from Yarra Valley Club, very glad that he made the effort to travel the distance.

With the marvellous weather, there was plenty of aviation going on all day.

I don't think anyone missed out on a flight, but Cameron arrived and unpacked his trailer, to discover that the wing for his lovely Eindekker was not present and a hurried trip home was called for.

The spectator attendance was very good, but viewing spaces were not stretched by any means.

Here are some (most) of my photos of the day.

Thanks Brian for this one.

Which one was doing the flying?

Brians Westland Wyvern hurtles past.

David (top) and Wayne put on a great show all day, many thanks guys.

Winners are grinners.
Let's hope that we can get a lot more participants next year.
Thanks to everyone who came along to help make it a special day, especially Sandra and Carole-Anne plus their helpers for great food!

07 May 2017

Wonderous Wednesday

Why?  Well you may ask.
 Look at this, Kim brought out his '109' ( or is it 190) I disremember, seems the engine needs to be started and run.
Much interest in seeing it start up. 
 Turning - turning - not much noise!
Finally - success! I went home - way too much excitement for me.
Turns out the OS engine, just like the dead stick Kevin C had last week, the carburettor was LOOSE!
Tighten the bolts and VOILA, it runs very much more nicely.
Infernal combustion strikes again. A supply of electrons anyone?