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27 July 2014


What fabulous weather!
Nice change from the last few flying days, no icy breeze today.

 The sun is nice and warm on your back, just right for gas-bagging.
 Brian brought his lovely Swordfish for a long-awaited fly, but no luck getting the receiver to fire up, maybe needed to be re-bound, he thought, MOST IRREGULAR.

 A VERY great deal of dismantling required for access to the entrails.

One receiver battery pack not delivering any volts.
Lucky the model didn't literally "fire up".

Seems to me that this is a valid reason to have your battery accessible to charge OUT of the model, means frequent inspection possibility.

20 July 2014


We arrived at the field this morning to find that last weeks wind storm had once again ripped up the "executive" pits area.
There were seven of us and with a lot of heaving and puffing managed to get it laid out again so we could all enjoy the flying.
Later, Ralphs tri motor was whizzing by on a low pass under the thumbs of Brian.

03 July 2014

Wednesday social

 The Nicholson Hotel was the venue for a dinner social evening.
I kow that everyone in my vicinity had a very enjoyable meal, many thanks to the staff in the kitchen.

I didn't count heads, but there was nearly forty people present and conviviality was in abundance.

Brian produced a paper for everyone with lateral-thinking conundrums to test us, promoting much discussion and scratching of heads.

President Graeme officiated the formal part of the evening.

Graeme presented David and Dianne with tokens of appreciation on their imminent departure for Brisbane.
David will remain a club member though he will fly at Tinalba club Brisbane.

David responded with a warm speech of thanks.
I know I will miss him at the field with his cheery nature and wit.

All very best wishes to them.