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28 June 2016

Sunday sunny

A very nice day brought out quite a few members and a couple of visitors.
 Not the best view of Ian - Ron is holding Ians new Skywalker, which he purchased from Alf Williams, who I believe is a builder of the finest scale models.  Certainly this is a superb model which I will have to photograph thoroughly.

 Getting the engine to start was proving problematical.

Wiring to on-board glo looks a bit thin to me.

 Two visitors dropped in, Reg and Cliff from Doncaster club.
Note the person in the background, Ben has a break from University.
Reg has recently moved to Newlands Arm, so we should be seeing a lot more of him.

Cliff bought along this nifty electric Stick....

17 June 2016

Wednesday mid June

A lovely day for flying with plenty of members and two prospective members present.

Also present was TOM!
He was in the shed.

He was getting dirty hands.

He brutally dismantled the spare thing for the tractor,

 There are lots of bits which normally live in there.

 Now look what he's up to.

Oh dear....... I hope he remembers where all those bits came from and puts them back in the right place.