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22 March 2014

Another Wednesday

 The guys are assembled for more.
Antenna exit.

Ian W is adding more detail to his wonderful Cub, here the antenna has been added. The radio frequencies required a long antenna, this was stored on a reel and once in the air, it could be unrolled to the correct length for best efficiency.

Trailing antenna detail.

At the end of the wire there was a drogue to keep it extended and keep it fairly tight, once again for best  transmission performance.
A nice scale detail, I approve.
 NOTE CAREFULLY, the person is sitting in the back seat, the pilot seat is between his legs.

Just WHO is flying this plane??
 Barry is flying one of his Biplanes, Graeme is obviously flying a Glider.

Talking about Barrys biplanes, the blue one is very very very old.
Some say, it was a development model for the full size aircraft.

13 March 2014


 INDOOR FLYING NIGHT is booked for Friday 28 March 2014.

"World Hobbies Mid May Muster Bairnsdale" is the title of our Muster this year.

We are planning a huge signature 3 day event for Labour Day weekend in March 2015 to be held at State Field East, that gives us only 12 months to prepare.

05 March 2014

A fairly nice day, gusty light breezes for half the morning.

Lots of members turned up with many models in the pits.

There were many discussions about all sorts of stuff.

While gusting, there was plenty of hot air blowing about under the shelter roof.

 Kevin C was flying his (formerly) lovely Texan and on landing approach I noticed something dangling in the slipstream under the Port wing.

  After the ensuing 'arrival' it was determined that what I saw, was the aileron servo hanging off its lead.
 Anyhow, the day was a success overall.

04 March 2014

Fun Fly Pics.

 Many thanks to Ron H for, first of all, organising the Fun Fly and also providing photos.
Here's his report on the day.

We had 7 starters pay their entry fee however 1 pilot decided to spectate so we ended up with 6 pilots. The weather was perfect with sunny clear skies and just a light breeze from the wsw varying now and then. In what was probably a first for a Badmac Fun Fly all Pilots flew Electric planes, no I/C engines !!. (What's the world coming too!)
The flying was challenging for pilots and planes with some models "snapping" out of tight manoeuvres or unable to perform the manoeuvre. Unfortunately Ron B crashed his plane on event 5 in the touch and go.
The Final Results are...
1st Ben Biggs 74 points..2nd David Chip 70 points..3rd Brody 54 points..4th Rob Biggs 48 points..5th Geoff White 36 points..6th Caleb Chip 0 points DNS. And the Hard luck award went to Ron Bartlett with 12 points and a nasty Crash. 1st prize was an Ozito "Dremel" type tool. 2nd was a screwdriver kit and assorted clamps. 3rd was a 3 watt Cree LED spotlight/torch and Hard luck award was a Hammer, Nails and Glue !.
After the event we had a BBQ lunch followed by the presentations. I would like to thank the Judges Barry, Ian S, (and Darryl) the scorer Ralph, the safety officer Kim and Geoff our BBQ cook. And of course, our Pilots who turned on a great display of flying skills. Also, I would like the thank all those members who turned up on the original date when the event had to be postponed due to strong winds, we made enough money with the BBQ that day to cover our costs.

 Thank you again Ron, I hope we will have many more of these events, I don't have the skills to win prizes, but I have fun and enjoy eating BBQ stuff. 
I believe I am not alone in that regard.
 Prizes are excellent!