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23 November 2013

Static at St Johns

Saturday the 16th was the annual Bairnsdale St Johns Church Fair and as has become a habit we had a display, the weather was good for a change so exterior setup it was.

David F had his flight simulator going indoors and apparently it was occupied quite a bit.

Thanks to those members who attended.

17 November 2013

Ian S has a new model which was putting up a fight (surprise surprise, it IS a IC engine!) and so the cowling had to come off didn't it and it's too hard to put back on again isn't it.

10 November 2013

Sunday 10th

Look who turned up at the field today, I haven't seen him here for many many months.

 As always he had lovely models in the trailer, this B17 is a FOAMY, gorgeous!

Looks as good in the air as on the ground, actually it was a lot better when you couldn't see the rather clunky panel outlines and other "details" on the model.

 Welcome back Cam.

Erics trainer had a swimming lesson today, not much damage, just soggy and muddy.

It will be a real fight to get that mud off, don't ask me how I know.