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13 July 2017

Wednesday Wonder

At long last Kim and David managed to get together to maiden Kims FW 190!

Let's get this started.

Running nicely.


And away we go.

Looking good.

Very good.


Who's a happy boy then?
Me too.

10 July 2017

Sunday scene

Sunday was much better wind-wise than Willy predicted, which was just as well, because a BBQ lunch was organised to be followed by an auction of "Stuff" donated by various people.
Nice weather meant a good turn-up.
Brian has been at it again.
Flies nicely.

Apprentice cruising piloted by Rob K.
Welcome back Darcy and Tony W. -  Ralph and Andy catch up.
Teddy and Tom.

The Auction.

 About one million magazines, quite a lot of infernal combustion engines, many of them new-in-box and loads of bits and pieces which we have ALL accumulated over the years.

 All in all, a friendly and successful day, which raised a very nice amount of money for the club.