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30 May 2018

Sunday 27th.

Nice day with plenty of members attending.
John, Brian and Tiloh doing battle.

"What'll we fly now?"
Kev M gives Rob a heave.

"I dunno, whadaya reckon?"
Is Ian really leaving the dark side?
Absolutely NOT! He is merely dabbling in experiencing the finer side of model power.
Cheers Geoff :)

28 May 2018

May 27 fine day for flying

Just as well the grass is long enough so Kevin can move his plane from fence line.
Could be discussing wing struts

Martin will be supplying ear protection for members next time he flies.

Which one of these won't clear the fence.

Could be discussing the lack of under cover protection.

I know it's here somewhere.
Graeme launching his glider.

21 May 2018

Mid May Muster 2018

The day dawned quite nicely and despite diabolical winds forecast all was well at the field and some flying was happening.

By the time Ken was landing the Kingfisher, the wind allowed a ground speed of zero kMh
Pilots briefing

Note the flag, everyone was offered their money back after flying stopped at about 1015, no-one asked for a refund. The kitchen did a good trade and great camaraderie was enjoyed. We thank all who came and look forward to another time.
Geoff :)

05 May 2018




Junk in the shed.